Tables at #GZF18 – Zine makers, self-publishers, collectives, distros, riso-printers, Comic makers

We are pleased to announce the fantastic roster of makers and publishers with tables at GZF18.

Some will be appearing Saturday 14 April, others on Sunday 15 April, some both days – all can be found in CCA's Theatre Space. We have an accessible hour both days from 11am to 12noon, regular access is from 12noon to 7pm. For specific locations of tables, see our maps for Saturday and Sunday. Check out who is presenting what below, more will be added as we secure true bonds!

Who's doing what...

Holly Casio (Cool Schmool Zines) will present creates queer zines and DIY comics about pop culture, mental health, being fat, and Bruce Springsteen. Tender Hands (Saffa Khan), a one-person run Zines & DIY arts distro + risograph press, will be selling zines, prints, badges and books.

Holly Casio's Cool Schmool Zines

Holly Casio's Cool Schmool Zines

Performers and video art screen-ers from our Programme LaunchRosa Klerkx, James st Findlay, Sabe Lewellyn, Colin Herd, Jane Hartshorn, Lewis den Hertog, Lauren La Rose – will be sharing a table on both Saturday and Sunday.  

Apples to Zines (Jacq Applebee) creates “zines as seen through the eyes of a bisexual disabled black femme". Expect printed matter on erotic vegans, drunken bible stories, mental health, how to run away for adults ageing for black bisexuals, useless advice, and "phrases that suck”. Once Connected (Erin McGrath) recently released a 20 page zine on Wish Fulfillment Press. As well as this, they will be presenting mini comic ‘Feed Me to the Sun’, a screen printed mini-comic ‘Memory Palace screen’, as well as other prints and t-shirts.

Aberdeen-based illustrators Siobhan Keegan and Zuzanna Kwiecien (Hell Broth), will present a collection of zines, prints, badges, stickers and other treats. Hannah Levene (THOUZINE), will have a table of DIY zines on anarchism, girls who love girls, and lots of other things in between. Three Fifty will be representing six artists from the US at GZF18 – a range of independently published artists’ books, chapbooks, zines, prints, stickers, cards, and pamphlets. Rooted in personal narratives, storytelling, and different historical contexts, their publications discuss diverse of contemporary social and political issues.

Expect plenty of stock and a couple of new titles from Foma Press, including zines, badges, patches, prints and tote bags. pen fight distro stock 100 different zines from makers across the UK and internationally. At GZF18 they will have perzines, zines on gender and sexuality, mental health and disability, as well as food, travel, politics, and fanzines. You will see “rabble rousing goods for discerning trouble makers” from Rachael House. Her table will include riso minizines, A5 feminist/queerzines, ceramic medals “for people who REALLY deserve them”, cards, radical nametapes, badges and more.

Marbles Mag, an indie print magazine exploring, dissecting and exploding the stigma of mental health, will be selling their first two issues – personal essays, think pieces, interviews and fiction, from Scotland-based literary luminaries including Laura Waddell, Heather McDaid, Leo Condie and Arusa Qureshi.

One Beat Zines is a zine collective and distro run by Sarah Broadhurst and Julia Scheele. They will be selling zines themed around feminism and queerness in pop culture, polyamory, and eating disorders. Tessa Goodfellow of commonplace, is presenting a selection of photozines that document change and tell stories through imagery and words, commenting on “human behaviour and the spaces we inhabit”.

Claire Biddles will be launching the third issue of her zine Fuck What You Love (FWYL), at GZF18. The zine features writing on pop star crushes by women and LGBTQ+ people. She will also have a selection of smaller pop fanzines on subjects such as Harry Styles, George Michael, and pop culture pilgrimages.

Siobhan Britton will be presenting material from Slug Ink Press. Zines will include 'Coasting – The Lazy Librarian's Guide to 'Work’'; written for library workers but applicable across many fields, it features top tips for a stress free time in the workplace. She will also be selling photo zine 'Brighton Scum City', and zines HOLIBOBS and Living the No Maintenance Lifestyle: A Guide. There may be some of the artist’s lino prints at the table too.

GSA Fine Art Photography will present a collection of zines produced by students of all years at The Glasgow School of Art. GSA Self-publishing society also have a table. They are a growing society with members working in various media; photographic work, a focus on the materiality of zines and other publications. Other members work with illustration and explore the interplay of text and image. For GZF18 they will present zines produced during workshops that took place in the lead up to the fest. Students from GSA’s Sculpture and Environmental Art will present zines, publications and documentation of works in artist-book form.

Students from GSA’s MFA will present a range of self-published materials; zines, photobooks, fanzines, artist books, comics, and broadsheets. They will also have zines made collaboratively, via call for submission. Themes include road trips, computer games, Friday Night Lights, a day in the life of an anthropomorphized strawberry, zines that are like films where nothing really happens, pictures of banana skins, zines from the Yukon, Switzerland, New York, Ireland and Govanhill, zines that are good for your health.

Mezzazine is as a collective of people from GSA’s MDes ComDes course. They will be selling a variety of publications and prints, as well as small handmade objects. Muhammad Deryll Reminton will be selling Bersua, a 32 page zine containing poetry, articles and photography, serving as a platform for Indonesians to tell their stories in an ever changing world, where freedom of speech is much challenged. Profits will be dedicated to fund the annual event ‘Indonesia Cultural Day’ (Festival Indonesia), organised by the Indonesian Student Society of Greater Glasgow. Muhammad will also be selling posters and zines made by comrades on the Communication Design course at GSA.

Maddelyn’s 'Bossy Bottom'

Maddelyn’s 'Bossy Bottom'

Black Lodge Press will present risograph comics, zines and prints created by queer artists. Titles will include Mama Lips’s 'Transgender Step Parent', Maddelyn’s 'Bossy Bottom', CJ Reay’s 'Butt Springsteen'. There will also be tote bags, enamel pins, and patches.

Seleena Daye of Zines and Ting, will have a range of zines including themes of race, class, craft, fandom, sexuality and snacks! Her table will including Poor Lass and Brown Girl, along with badges, pins, notebooks and stickers. Kirsty Fife (Winters) runs the small distro Cross Words Zines. She also makes perzines about fat positivity, class, queer femme identity and DIY cultures. Expect titles including 'Hard Femme', 'Make It Work', 'Move Under Yr Own Power' and 'I Love Myself: A Self Care Zine'.

Edinburgh Zine Library.

Edinburgh Zine Library.

Edinburgh Zine Library will be presenting the bulk of their collection along with information on their ‘Unfinished Zine Club’. They will also be sharing information and the UK and Ireland Zine Librarian Network, and will present more of their collection in the CCA foyer on Sunday 15th.

Riso Sur Mer are a group of four friends coming together from Paris and Glasgow; Inès Gradot, Mari Campistron, Joséphine Ohl, and Élise Rigollet. They make Risoprinted and silkscreen zines, yearly calendars, card decks and sets of postcards. Ginny Projects is a nomadic exhibition and publication platform. At GZF18 they will present recent titles by Ondine Vinao and Lewis Teague Wright, alongside new releases by Parker Bright (riso zine), Gunnar Tchida, Sophia Freedman Pappas and a poetry pamphlet by Anastasia Xirouchakis and Kendall Rivera Lane.

BATT COOP are a French distro of artists, craftmen, journalists and collectors who run weekly events from their book shop in Paris. Their table will represent French zine production; illustration, photography, graffiti, graphzines and archives related to politics and music. Hannah Nixon and Jessica Taylor (ok no studio), will have books and zines about pole dancing, urban history, WAGS, tennis stars, Atlantis, and some comics. All material has involved screen printing of some sort, and is self-published from their studio in Glasgow.

Grrrl Zine Fair, currently run by Lu Williams, is a not for profit organisation that creates inclusive DIY events, zine fairs, gigs and workshops. They will present 'Grrrl In Print Issue 2', a feminist guide to DIY, affordable artworks, plus a selection of zines from their distro and small publishers. Kerry Douglas produces hand bound zines and books, as well as badges. At her table you will see titles including 'Last time I cried’, 'ETIQUETTE a zine about the bladdery hell girls venture into when they enter a public bathroom’, and other new editions.

Orchids, Catherine Street, documentation of installation at No.35, Alexander Hetherington, 2017.

Orchids, Catherine Street, documentation of installation at No.35, Alexander Hetherington, 2017.

Alexander Hetherington will be presenting self-published editions from his No.35 project (a gallery ran from his flat in Bannockburn), including work with artists Andrew Gannon, Richard Taylor, Catherine Street, Lauren Printy Currie, Helen McCrorie and Elín Jakobsdóttir. His table will also include TREATMENT, an edition made for Kate Davis’ show 'Nudes Never Wear Glasses' at Stills, Edinburgh, and selected published pages from the project Ripples on the Pond, with GoMA, Glasgow.

i quit comics is a joint comics venture between Sarah Cochrane and Joe Kelly. They will be selling the first issue of our comic 'Fit For Nothing’, mini zines about fundraising and cats, as well as zines from collaborators and other miscellany.

Rowan Markson will present booklets that focus on three incomplete projects; Rockall (a proposed performance on the islet of rockall in reference to the story of the first landing in 1812), Crimea Revisted (site-specific performances/attempts to revisit the site of two photographs taken by Roger Fenton during the Crimean War 1853-56) and Curtains (four booklets that look at so-called Curtains of the Cold War; Iron (Eastern Europe and Berlin); Bamboo (East Asia); Ice (Siberia and Alaska); and Cactus (Guantanamo Bay)). James Nash is a British comics artist based in Amsterdam, who has been self-publishing and zine making for the last eight years. His work stems from a ‘diary comics project’, the visual style of which informs illustration projects and prints.

HAM Illustration, 52 Blue.

HAM Illustration, 52 Blue.

Ryan Hamill (HAM Illustration) will present zines and prints, including two issues of his risograph printed comic ‘Dick Tucker: Drag detective’, and a screen printed trouser zine entitled ’52 Blue’ – a factual tale of the loneliest whale. He will also show a selection of small riso prints and other screen prints.

Mikhail Sokovikov is involved in self-publishing S.G.U. (special graffiti unit), an art-paper focusing on themes of non-conformity. The publication is a collaborative effort of artists, writers and photographers from New York City and abroad. Now in its 8th issue, it remains an analogue vehicle of expression. Find previous S.G.U editions at GZF18, as well as new printed edition works made in Glasgow.

Junie Latte presents 'Document It Yourself', a zine about queer(ing) archives – a quest to archive local queer narratives, with the goal of making them more interactive and accessible to the public. SPAM Press is a triennial publication of post-internet poetry based in Glasgow. They will present two of their most current issues along with tote bags, and around five other SPAM Press publications (three poetry pamphlets, two CGI poetry booklets). Vampire Sushi zine distro will present their perzine ‘your pretty face is going straight to hell’ plus other distro stock from the UK and worldwide, including feminist and queer perzines, fanzines, prints and badges.

FrogSoft (Stephen Gillmurphy and Emilie Reed) are “just two people whose childhoods were marred with the overwhelming mysterious presence of video games and now are cursed to make art about”. Emilie will be sharing several of her own videogame related zines, and will also have copies of TRASHZINE, a collaborative zine about small game creators. Along with zines Stephen will bring garish experimental homemade videogames on cd, tape cassettes.

Phoebe Mitchell from Decant Be Serious will present illustrated zines exploring specific wine themes and Glasgow establishments. She will also have a small selection of zines from “pals and pals of pals” who also run supper clubs and tasting events. O Panda Gordo is a small press and distro focused on drawings and comics. Based in Glasgow and run by cartoonist João Sobral, they are committed to promoting alternative comics and self-published zines in Scotland – helping local artists to publish and exhibit their work and by importing relevant work from overseas.

FRESH FOCUS is a community at Stills in Edinburgh, for graduate photographers to seek peer criticism and support. They will have a selection of zines made by members; themes ranging from experiences with mental illnesses, to homesickness. Street Level Photoworks in Glasgow will be presenting a diverse range of self-published photo zines and artist made photobooks from throughout Scotland and beyond. Paste + Pep, along with Queer Divine Dissatisfaction will be presenting collage zines and poetry cycles.

RAUM (who are also running a poetry zine workshop at GZF18) will be bringing their two most recent issues, along with posters of the past four issues. They are also expecting to do their £1 poems again – small poems on pre-stamped RAUM cards, made for people on the spot using typewriters. Steven Swinney (Ssssstudio), who is presenting a workshop as part of the programme on Sunday 15th, will have a series of small publications that document studio processes and behind-the-scenes making of selected Glasgow-based artists. He is also hoping to sell copies of ‘NOTES: Letters to Photography’, a biannual photography publication based in Glasgow, which encourages and contextualises photographic discourse in the region. OOMK, who are hosting a presentation and Q&A on Sunday 15th, will also have a table.

Hattie Comics, Stories for Girls, Issue 4.

Hattie Comics, Stories for Girls, Issue 4.

Harriet Webster’s Hattie Comics, are satirical tales for lovers of vintage teen comics and pulp romance stories with a modern twist. She will be selling self-published material including comics, posters, postcards and a zine.

RED collective’s work focuses on themes of mysticism, suppressed histories, spiritual activism, witchcraft and queerness. They will present zines ‘red.1’ and ‘red does BLUE’, which document and accompany their performance work through printed matter and poetry. There will also be selling zines including Anna Marie’s ‘GLOW’, poetry pamphlets, merchandise (badges, hand painted patches for bags and jackets) and ‘SISTERHOOD OF PERPETUAL DISMISSAL’ t-shirts.

Christine Robertson (Chrisfeen) makes zines about film and perzines about childhood stories. Her film zines are produced from a feminist angle with a positive tone. She will also be presenting original artwork, pin badges and stickers, as well as selected ’Movie Cult' zines.

Visual Arts / Printmaking and Book Arts at Camberwell College of Arts in London, maintain a flow of creative exchange which often appears in zine format. They will present 'You're doing three things things high on marshmallows', riso zines made by five artist during a two day residency in Manchester. Also at the table, 'Inside a drawer reserve and place and place reverse the play’, a collaborative project between artists Lena Wurz and Nora Schmel. There will also a hand-drawn medicine catalogue, with all the side effects, from Klara Vith.

Little Grey Cells is a small collective of artists, based in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee, who publish zines and artists’ books exploring eclectic themes through illustration, graphic work, collage and photography. Artists include Emily Ritchie, Nina Stanger, Casey Miller, Benjamin Richards and Marta Tycinska.

Anna Dunn, The Happy Mag for Kids, page spread.

Anna Dunn, The Happy Mag for Kids, page spread.