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Biosystems - Queer Ecology

  • Glasgow Zine Library 16 Nicholson Street Glasgow United Kingdom (map)

A+E Collective once again brings Biosystems to GZL:

BIOSYSTEMS is a new reading group series run by A+E, a Glasgow based collective exploring the intersection between art and ecology. With monthly events hinged on particular ecological themes, the hope is to offer a lively and discursive environment in which to work through the pains, pleasures, problems and potentials of life in the Anthropocene, the current geological epoch defined by human impact. Serving as both an informal seminar and ecological ‘clinic’, BIOSYSTEMS brings together people from different backgrounds including literature, art and science to discuss key texts—visual and written, creative and critical—on themes pertaining to our damaged planet. The series will serve as an open network for communicating ideas for change, interdisciplinary crossover and untangling personal and collective ecological anxieties.

BIOSYSTEMS iii explores the theme of Queer Ecologies.

Queer and ecological theory have something fundamental in common: they question what is ‘natural’. Queer ecology emerges from this mutual questioning as a way of yoking together concerns about intimacy/relationality, difference, reproduction and sexuality, collaboration, space, place, politics and identity in the context of both ecological and queer studies. In this session of BIOSYSTEMS, we ask: What is queer green space? How can we extend queer studies beyond its often urban focus? How does queer temporality relate to life and death in the anthropocene? Why is it so important to question the ‘nature’ of ‘Nature’? What might a queer ecological vernacular look like, what kinds of vocabulary or speculative aesthetics do we need to conceptualise a de-essentialised environment? What kinds of poetics and/or communal practice might be considered the doing of queer ecology? What can we learn from queer practices of resistance and solidarity in relation to environmental precarity and disaster? We might approach these exciting questions through Timothy Morton’s concept of the strange stranger, or through the work of various contemporary queer ecological artists and collectives, including the Institute of Queer Ecology. Our central text will be Derek Jarman’s diary, Modern Nature: a book which brings together everyday musings on gardening, sexuality and friendship, filmmaking and art, residing near a nuclear power station and living and dying with Aids. We will discuss how Jarman’s focus on the pleasures and pains of daily life allows us to negotiate the queer art of thriving and surviving on a damaged planet. In BIOSYSTEMS iii, we discuss Modern Nature and queer ecology more generally with Callie Gardner, a poet, tutor and editor of Zarf poetry magazine. Our second speaker is TBA, stay tuned for more details.

Please email to reserve your space if you are committed to coming. There is a high demand for these events and a limited capacity so make sure you can come before emailing!

Biosystems is a self-funded initative by A+E, we encourage a donation of £2 unwaged/£4 waged/£6 solidarity in line with Glasgow Zine Library's suggested donation policy. All proceeds will be split equally with GZL. GZL tries to be as accessible as possible, please give us a shout if you have any questions! The money we raise goes towards providing themed culinary delights, an accompanying publication and travel costs for the speakers. Without your support Biosystems is not sustainable 🌱

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